Neukranz House

3309 Rampart Drive
Plano, TX 75074

Tour Hours: 10am - 4pm


8.1 kW roof-top grid-tied solar PV system installed in 2010 - provides about one-third of household electrical needs.

Solar system leased with help of local utility subsidy and federal tax rebates, resulting in $20 per month positive net cash flow from first day of operation.

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Renewable energy features

Solar PV

kW 8.1
Installation Date:  2010
Installer:  Infinergy Wind and Solar

Retail Electric Provider



Green features:

  • Broad real time energy performance monitoring system continuously verifies structure and equipment performances are per manufacturers/installers claims, identifies areas to improve, anticipates impending failures when repairs can be made more cost effectively, and facilitates cost/benefit analysis for all contemplated projects.  All details are available to anyone, at .
  • Extensive home automation system assists with comfort, efficiency, safety and security.
  • Extremely efficient (24 EER / 5 COP) geothermal heat pumps installed in 2007 - one mile of HDPE pipe underground in the front yard, and no outside equipment to wear out. Additional pictures at .
  • HVAC efficiency further enhanced with four independent zone air distribution, variable-speed air handlers (also improves humidity control), and two-stage compressors.
  • 523 sq. ft. of living space per actual ton of cooling.
  • Sheet metal ductwork (inside the attic) insulated with R-8 foil backed insulation (supply and return); ductwork seams sealed.
  • Programmable thermostats adjust at different times of the day, saving money and reducing energy use at peak times of day.
  • All lights are Compact Fluorescent Lamps - no incandescents are used.
  • Minimal windows on hot west side; large windows on north and east walls and open floor plan provide ample day lighting.
  • Windows are double pane with thermally broken anodized aluminum frames.  All have thermally efficient shades to block out hot day time heat.
  • Large ceiling fans in every room, prevent air stratification and reduce demand on HVAC system.
  • Low flow plumbing fixtures.

Host Comments

East Plano located 3400 sq. ft. single story residence on heavily shaded one-half acre lot, constructed in 1992.  This home utilizes natural light and an open floor plan including a large porch to maximize space, functionality and spaciousness.  Located near public greenbelts, parks, trail system and mass transit.  $62/mo average heating/cooling monthly cost in spite of Dallas hot climate and using electricity for heating.