Being a Tour Volunteer or a Tour Host

Calling for event volunteers!

The DFW Solar Tour is looking for volunteers. Read on to find out about being a volunteer at a tour site or to learn more about becoming a Tour Host by adding your site to the tour. If you're an individual just wanting to support the DFW Solar Tour or if you want to promote your business, you can find out more on the Sponsors page.


How do I sign up to volunteer at a Tour Site?

Volunteers are a vital part of the DFW Solar Tour. We truly appreciate the time, knowledge and support generously given by volunteers to assist us in our mission to educate and advocate for solar and other forms of renewable energy to the people of North Texas.

Please e-mail if you are interested in helping out at a tour site.

Everyone can be a Marketing volunteer by promoting the DFW Solar Tour to your friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues. And don't forget to Like Us on Facebook!


How do I sign up to be a DFW Solar Tour Host?

If you want to join the DFW Solar Tour by adding your location to the tour, you’ve come to the right place. Click on to the tour host info link at and tell us of your interest.  Be sure to include a brief description of your solar and conservation improvements.
Join the DFW Tour and we will register your site on the National Solar Tour site.

If you don’t live in DFW area, we encourage you to join the National Solar Tour by registering with the American Solar Energy Society at

Do I need to have a solar installation on my home or business to be a Solar Tour host?

Solar installations are desirable but not required. In addition to homes with renewable energy installations, we also want to include homes with green/sustainable features: passive solar, use of green materials, xeriscaping, rainwater collection, energy monitoring, and more. Cool houses are great, but even more important are enthusiastic homeowners who want to share their personal experiences about renewable and energy efficiency, and how they reduced their impact on the environment.

What are the expectations of a Solar Tour Host?

The tour’s success depends on enthusiastic hosts sharing their personal experiences with renewables, energy efficiency, and how they save money and reduce their impact on the environment. Tour hosts may control tour hours, and determine where people can go and what they see, after all, it’s your property.

Hosts need to provide DFW Solar Tour organizers with information to post on the website including: address, description of energy-related improvements, photos, and visitor hours.

Tour hosts will receive DFW Solar Tour yard signs to help visitors find your location. Please post tour signage in a visible location so people can find your home.  NTREG recommends that each tour location have at least two hosts on site to greet visitors and guide them to points of interest. If you need some staffing help, NTREG will try to provide a volunteer at as many sites as possible.

Visitor sign-in: You will be e-mailed a registration form and should print out a couple of pages for people to sign in.  Please have a registration table set up and have all people who visit your site sign in.  When the tour is over please scan and e-mail the registration forms to the tour organizers within a few days so we can gauge the success of our 2014 tour.

Liability Insurance

Tour hosts should check their liability insurance (typically your homeowner insurance) for coverage.   Tour participants are advised that they participate at their own risk.  NTREG assumes no liability for participating homeowners or tour participants. 

What to do if tour host needs to cancel?

If you are signed up as a DFW Solar Tour host and something comes up that requires you to cancel, please contact tour organizers as soon as possible. We will make every effort to remove your location from the website.

Can I promote my business on the DFW Solar Tour?

Please visit our Sponsors page to learn more.